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Jerdadan Designs, Inc. - an interior design company in Boulder, Colorado.  




Here's what my clients say:

Dear Anne,

It was wonderful to meet you! Your enthusiastic plethora of creative insights and ideas has me inspired!! Your suggestions offered in a positive, lively manner put me in mind for fresh changes!

Your thorough attention to every room--from slight movement of furniture, to greater changes down the road when time and money allow, give me new appreciation for the space around me. Your tolerant and supportive belief that what I like and have a feeling for will also look great has opened the doors and windows wide to possibility! (I used to think the house had to look like a magazine to look special but you gave me a sense that often times it's the very things we already cherish that when expended upon and emphasized give our home character and coziness!)

I also like your permissive, relaxed approach to time needed to accomplish change. No need to rush out and purchase, but rather enjoy perusing the stores until the right thing comes along.

I love your gift of seeing something extraordinary in the ordinary. You give an unexpected, delightful pizazz to it! You also are a tremendous listener! You answered my questions every time!

Thank you again for your time, energy, and thoughtfulness! I look forward to seeing you again!


Mary P.

I run a small business in Boulder where I work 12 hour days, so I needed a place where I could unwind at the end of a long day. After purchasing a condominium in a highrise apartment building, it became clear I needed help in making it the haven I wanted.

I hired Anne Jaffe of Jerdadan Designs to design and manage the decoration and remodel of my home. Working from a fabric we selected together, she designed a space that reflected my tastes and interests. She managed what was for me a fairly large and complicated remodel of my kitchen. Anne handled the day to day details so that I did not have to do it. Later, I learned of challenges she took care of on the spot freeing me to enjoy my home.

Anne and I had a blast doing this. I had fun seeing the condominium take shape in a timely and reasonable manner. I would definitely recommend Anne Jaffe and Jerdadan Designs for any design projects, and I would be happy to talk with a prospective client about her qualifications. I can be reached at my office at 303-440-6664.


Mary McGrath


. . . The curtains will really finish off all your great work. Our house gets so many compliments now.

Amy B.


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