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Jerdadan Designs, Inc. - an interior design company in Boulder, Colorado.  




Jerdadan Designs, Inc. provides interior design, redesign, and staging services.

Interior Design

My interior design services range from a simple color consultation to creating every room in a house that is yet to be built. After meeting with my clients to determine their needs, tastes, and budget, I envision, plan, and create the interior space of their home.

Interior design services may include:

Shopping for or designing custom:

  • furniture
  • cabinetry
  • wall finishes
  • artwork
  • fixtures
  • accessories
  • flooring
  • carpeting
  • rugs
  • window treatments
  • paint

Hiring and managing contractors, subcontractors, and workrooms for the creation and/or installation of items ordered for the clients.

I handle the day to day details so that my client scan relax and enjoy the process!


Redesign changes a home or a room using the client's own belongings. The area to be redesigned is emptied of all furnishings and accessories and is then rearranged. For the client, a redesign of their space is like getting a new home without having to move.

My clients often say, "Wow, I never would have thought of that!"


Staging is part of getting a home ready to sell. I work with the homeowner to edit and rearrange furniture and accessories to create focal points, accentuate architectural features, and enhance space. A common result is that the home sells more quickly and at a higher price.

A well staged home appeals to potential buyers, inviting them to see it as their own.

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